SR Connect—fostering clinical collaboration

The ability to exchange clinical images and data is a long-held goal of the Strategic Radiology coalition.  Rather than duplicate the existing IT infrastructure of member groups, Strategic Radiology is focused on finding innovative ways to deliver IT infrastructure on demand where it is needed.

A Cloud-based Environment

SR Connect is a collection of cloud-based applications and services intended to promote clinical collaboration and operational efficiency among members.

A Cloud-based Environment
Peer Learning and Improvement
Peer Learning and Improvement Pilot

A Peer Learning and Improvement Pilot is under development within the protected environment of the SR-Patient Safety Organization. The Pilot aims to:

• reduce bias through anonymity

• achieve 100% subspecialty-focus

• provide meaningful feedback via standardized forms

• include a learning component and reinforce non-punitive culture

Access the Radiologist Toolkit

We are building an enhanced toolkit for the radiologist within SR Connect. Current and soon-to-come offerings include:

• RadReach™ incidental findings follow-up leveraging radloop®

• RadIQ™, data analytics

• Clario SmartWorklist™

• Intelerad cloud-based IntelePACS®

• Various AI applications

Access the Radiologist Toolkit
Subspecialty Coverage
Subspecialty Cross-Coverage

Our vision is to create an environment for clinical data exchange within SR Connect for the purpose of  cross-coverage arrangements between member radiology groups.

SR Subspecialized Reading Network
SR Subspecialized Reading Network

The Strategic Radiology Subspecialized Reading Network provides after-hours final subspecialized interpretations for member practices in pediatric, body, emergency, musculoskeletal, and neuro radiology, nuclear medicine, women’s imaging, vascular imaging, and general radiology.

SRN Icon - Callout
One-call consults: No calling around.
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True subspecialty final interpretations by board-certified U.S. radiologists.
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Rapid turnaround for both stat and routine reads: Overall avg. 18 min.
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Dedicated support staff.
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Clinical quality standards consistent with SR member groups.
Our Technology Partners

The following vendor partners provide enabling technology for SR member connectivity:

Intelerad—InteleOne, IntelePACS, Clario SmartWorklist

Quinsite—Data Analytics, Dashboards, and Reporting