Scott Bundy, MD, FACR, to Lead SR as CEO and Chair

Culture is the single most important characteristic that will ultimately determine the success or failure of an organization. Strategic Radiology is built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and willingness of its constituent members to openly share experiences in order to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving and increasing complex healthcare landscape.

Scott Bundy, MD, FACR
Chief Executive Officer and Chair
January 14, 2021

Scott A. Bundy, MD, FACR, was selected as CEO of the Strategic Radiology (SR) coalition, succeeding longtime leader A. Van Moore Jr, MD, FACR. He also will serve as Chair of the SR Executive Committee (EC), responsible for crafting and implementing policy that is approved by the governing Board of Managers.

Dr. Bundy is the fourth and youngest CEO and second radiologist to serve in that position as he assumes leadership of the Scott Bundyorganization following a nationwide 24-month executive search that ultimately led back to the coalition. He was elected Chair of the EC at the December BOM meeting; Christopher Hedley, MD, President, Hill Medical Corp. (Pasadena, Calif.), assumes the position of Vice Chair. Ronald Ruff, MD, Mountain Medical (Murray, Utah), was elected Secretary; Kent Hansen, MD, President, Northwest Radiology Network (Indianapolis, Ind.) was elected Treasurer; and Robert Pham, MD, President, Quantum Radiology (Atlanta, Ga.) and Christopher Day, MD, MBA, CFO, Radiology Associates (Jeffersonville, Ind.) were newly elected as Members-at-Large. Eric Ferguson, MD, President, Huron Valley Radiology (Ann Arbor, Mich.) continues as Member-at-Large.

As an EC member, Dr. Bundy worked closely with former CEO Dr. Moore, who will continue his involvement with SR as SR-Patient Safety Organization (SR-PSO) Interim Medical Director. Dr Bundy, a neuroradiologist, will continue clinical practice on a part-time basis.

A partner with 214-radiologist Radiology Associates of North Texas (RADNTX) in Dallas-Fort Worth—the nation’s largest independent radiology practice—Dr. Bundy has served in numerous leadership positions within the practice. He completed both his radiology residency and fellowship in neuroradiology at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas. Following completion of his fellowship in 2001, he joined Dallas Radiologists, PA, and was instrumental in a multi-group merger that resulted in the formation of RADNTX, one of the first mega-practices in the United States. 

Dr. Bundy assumes leadership of the nation’s leading consortium of independent practices as SR enters its 12th year. He shared his thoughts on the promise and the challenges of his new position.

Question: Strategic Radiology conducted an industry-wide search for a new CEO, and in the end, selected you.  What made you decide to throw your hat into the ring?  

Dr. Bundy: The loss of wholly radiologist owned private practice radiology groups is one of—if not the greatest—threats to the long-term preservation of our specialty. Strategic Radiology is the ideal platform for like-minded wholly owned independent radiology groups to collaborate on quality initiatives and value propositions via the nation’s first radiology-specific protected PSO (Patient Safety Organization).

The 29 member groups that currently comprise Strategic Radiology are able to provide the highest levels of value to their customer bases—patients, referring physicians, hospitals and imaging facility partners, and radiologist members—by:

  • sharing best practices and taking advantage of economies of scale via access to Group Purchasing opportunities;
  • sharing resources via access to Management Service Organization offerings,
  • collaborating on projects that include best-in-class teleradiology and subspecialty reading network for its constituent members, Artificial Intelligence development and analysis, CME, and leadership training,
  • and providing a united voice for private practice on advocacy and other issues facing radiology.

Question: As the Vice Chair of SR’s physician Executive Committee, you are not a newcomer to SR governance. What were the greatest challenges in finding the right leader for Strategic Radiology? 

Dr. Bundy: Finding someone sensitized to the organization's unique culture. Culture is the single most important characteristic that will ultimately determine the success or failure of an organization. Strategic Radiology is built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and willingness of its constituent members to openly share experiences in order to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving and increasing complex healthcare landscape.

Question: How do you see your role as SR CEO and what do you hope to accomplish in your first two years? 

Dr. Bundy: During the latter half of 2020, under the leadership of the esteemed Dr. Arl Van Moore, and with robust input from all member groups, Strategic Radiology developed a strategic plan focused on prioritized initiatives that has given the SR leadership its marching orders to begin implementing immediately in 2021.

Question: Managing physicians is said to be like herding cats—what are the techniques and tactics you expect to deploy as leader of a physician Team of Teams? 

Dr. Bundy: With an organization of 29 member groups, building a unanimous consensus on any single initiative is a significant challenge, to say the least. However, by continuing a culture of trust and transparency built under Dr. Moore and encouraging an open dialogue with input from all constituent SR members regardless of group size, I am optimistic that we can successfully develop and implement programs and initiatives that will enable all members to succeed.

Question: Which of your professional experiences has best prepared you for the challenges of this role? 

Dr. Bundy: Serving first as RANT’s representative on the SR Board of Managers, followed by time spent on the Executive Committee of SR, then as Vice-Chair, I am very comfortable in transitioning into the role of CEO and Chair. However, one experience that stands out above all others that has prepared me was my role in helping to orchestrate the merger of multiple Dallas-Ft. Worth area private practice radiology groups approximately 10 years ago into the formation of Radiology Associates of North Texas (I have served on the board/executive committee since its founding). Through that challenging project, I learned the virtues of patience, the value of listening, and the importance of a willingness to be malleable in order to create a consensus in building a synergistic organization that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Question: You worked closely with one of the great leaders in private practice while on the Executive Committee for four years—what were the most valuable leadership lessons you learned from Dr Moore? 

Dr. Bundy: Dr. Moore’s contributions to radiology and dedication and commitment to preserving the value of the specialty is second to none. His leadership style as an avid listener who encourages participation from all and his contagious passion and optimism are traits worthy of emulating. 

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