Intercity Radiology, Bozeman, MT
Intercity Radiology, Bozeman, MT
Dedicated to providing the highest quality diagnostic and interventional radiology

Intercity Radiology is well-established in Bozeman, MT, having served the city and surrounding communities for nearly 50 years. Located in southwest Montana in the Rocky Mountains, Bozeman is the fourth largest city in the state and one of the fastest growing Micropolitan Statistical Areas in the U.S, with a growing population attracted to quality of life, natural beauty, and year-round outdoor recreation.

The practice includes 11 board-certified, subspecialized radiologists who provide radiology services for the Bozeman Health system at multiple locations. In addition to serving six hospitals across the state of Montana and Western Washington, the group has established an outpatient presence as joint partners with Bozeman Health in two full-service outpatient imaging sites. Intercity Radiology is active in the community, providing ongoing financial support to many local charitable organizations.

Leadership Team

Paul Meier, MD, President

Courtney Funk, Administrator

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Outpatient Imaging Locations

Advanced Medical Imaging and Breast Center

Advanced Medical Imaging at Cottonwood


Intercity Radiology is a proud sponsor of Community Health Partners, an organization of medical facilities and clinics that provide mental health services, health and dental care, counseling, work training, and housing to low-income or underserved populations.