Representing more than 1,700 radiologists, Strategic Radiology aims to provide a path to excellence and sustainability for the private radiology practice

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Support for Private Practice
Support for Private Practice

Our coalition is owned and governed by private practice radiologists and exists to serve their collective needs and represent their unique issues locally and nationally.

Collaborative Environment
Collaborative Environment

Strategic Radiology builds trust among like-minded, culturally aligned physicians conducive to sharing best practices and innovating solutions to common challenges.

3:27: Strategic Radiology: An Introduction from SR CEO Scott Bundy, MD, FACR

An Introduction to SR from CEO and Chair Scott Bundy, MD, FACR

Dr. Bundy is a working neuroradiologist with member group Radiology Associates of North Texas and splits his time between Strategic Radiology leadership and practicing neuroradiology. Join him as he articulates the SR mission and value proposition.

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SR Health: An Ownership Mentality
SR Health: An Ownership Mentality

SR Health is a self-funded health insurance plan founded, owned, and managed by Strategic Radiology members to increase quality and lower health care costs for members and their families.

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How SR Supports Independent Practices
Our Values
Our Values

• Integrity and compassion

• Radiologist ownership, leadership, and accountability

• Collaboration, innovation, and value exceeding customer expectations

• Support of local, independent, private radiology practices

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Strategic Radiology member practices are 100% physician owned and committed to independence. If you are interested in joining one of our groups, please click below to submit CV.

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