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Why Practice Ownership Is Important
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Corporate entities are acquiring independent private practices for consolidation into national practices.
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Corporate ownership introduces a third-party into the patient–physician relationship.
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The primary fiduciary responsibility of corporate entities is to produce a return for shareholders.

Kurt Schoppe, MD, President, Radiology Associates of North Texas

The Importance of Independence

Physician owned and led medicine is in the best interest of our patients, our hospitals, and our radiologists.

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8-Point Independence Declaration
Conditions of Strategic Radiology Membership
  1. Our practices are 100% physician owned and physician led.

  2. Care decisions are made by radiologists and patients; business decisions are made by radiologists and trusted employees—not third-party shareholders.

  3. We don’t take care of patients to make money, we make money to take care of patients.

  4. We do not see a place in health care’s value equation for returns to third-party investors.

  5. We are committed to local medicine–our physicians reside and serve in communities.

  6. We uphold the highest quality standards in radiology and work together to drive them higher.

  7. We share data and collaborate for performance improvement across all practice domains—clinical, operations, business.

  8. We are strategic.

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Voice of Independence
Voice of Independence
Don’t Get Bushwhacked: 10 Ways a Resident Can Assess If a Practice Is Committed to Independence

As radiologists-in-training emerge from residency to interview for partnership-track positions with private practices, they are burdened with a relatively new concern: What are the chances that the practice they are interviewing with will sell their radiology group to a corporate entity? Unfortunately, this is a legitimate concern.

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How Strategic Radiology Supports Independent Practice
How Strategic Radiology Supports Independent Practice

Strategic Radiology offers services, infrastructure, and an environment in which independent radiology practices can collaborate to improve performance in all practice domains.

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