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Strategic Radiology is a coalition of quality-focused private radiology practices located in communities across the United States. Our corporate address is in Palmetto, Fla., but we are a virtual organization and recommend email for your first approach. We look forward to communicating with you.

If you are like-minded and want to learn more about Strategic Radiology, call to schedule an appointment.

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Arl Van Moore, Jr. MD, FACR
CEO, Chair
Strategy, Governance
Sharon Fremer
Vice President, Revenue Cycle Optimization
Steve Collins
Membership Program Director
Organization Growth, Membership Programs
David Polmanteer
Analytics & Business Intelligence Director
Application & BI Development, Data Warehouse
Cheryl Proval
Director of Marketing
Marketing and Communications
Randal Roat, FRBMA
Chief Operations Officer
Operations, Strategic Partnerships
John Outlaw, CHC
Vice President, Compliance Services
Chessa Bossy
Executive Assistant
Executive Support, Meeting Planning
Pam Lopez
Senior Programmer Analyst
Analytics, BI Developer, Support