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How do I choose a radiologist?

It may take a little digging, but if you want the best health care, it is worth taking the time to learn the hallmarks of excellent radiology and using the tools available to you.

  • Educate Yourself
  • Ask Questions 
  • Internet Search Tips 
Hallmarks of Great Radiology

Deep subspecialization

Strategic Radiology practices are highly subspecialized with radiologists with further education in various body systems and diseases. Learn More

Community based

Our practices are located in their communities, where there is a high level of accountability to patients, referring physicians, and hospitals. Learn More.

Committed to quality

Strategic Radiology operates the only Patient Safety Organization in the United States that is dedicated solely to the improvement of safety and quality in medical imaging.

Clear and concise reports.

The radiology report should provide an accurate, definitive diagnosis and foster a collaborative discussion with the referring physician in order to make the best patient care decisions.

Stewards of radiation and MR safety

Medical imaging technology is high technology and requires diligent maintenance and surveillance by the radiologists and a medical physicist. Use a facility with a strong focus on patient safety.

Well-trained and certified technologists

Technologists are responsible for positioning the patient and making sure the images are of diagnostic quality. Training, certification, and consistent feedback from radiologists are critical elements of an excellent radiology program.

The best technology

State-of-the-art imaging technology is expensive, but often provides superior images and can lower radiation dose. Some facilities cut corners by failing to invest in the most current technology or replace old technology.


Check to see if your provider is accredited by the American College of Radiology, which recognizes excellent radiology programs, with special Center of Excellence designations for breast imaging, lung cancer screening.

Ask Questions

Talk to your primary care, internist or other referring physician to get their informed recommendation for the best radiology group for your care. These questions can help you determine if your radiology provider is of the highest quality:

  • Does the location’s imaging equipment meet the highest industry standards by providing superior quality images with lower radiation dosages? 
  • Are the radiologists interpreting the images subspecialty-trained? In other words, if you have a musculoskeletal issue, has the radiologist completed a musculoskeletal fellowship? Or, if you have a neurology-related issue, has the radiologist completed a neuroradiology fellowship? 
  • Does the radiology report provide an accurate, definitive diagnosis and foster a collaborative discussion with the referring physician in order to make the best patient care decisions moving forward? 

Internet search tips

Use these tips to guide your internet search for subspecialty radiology groups in your local area. There are many sites for locating physicians, but some can be difficult to navigate and even misleading.

  • Visit the website for your local hospital(s) and/or medical association(s) to learn more about the radiologist groups that read patient exams at these facilities. 
  • Perform an internet search for “radiology groups” + your town/region and/or nearest city. Include the term “subspecialized” as well as your specific disease state/condition (e.g. fibroids) for a more refined search. 
  • Be on the lookout for the term “subspecialized” in your search results. 
    Verify that the facility provides subspecialized diagnostic imaging and/or interventional radiology procedures. 
  • Take your findings to your primary care physician to have them validated. 

Strategic Radiology represents the finest private radiology practices in America, adding up to more than 1,500 radiologists nationwide. All of these practices have come together to improve quality and share best practices with each other.

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