About Strategic Radiology
—we are a team of teams

Strategic Radiology is a coalition of privately owned independent, LOCAL RADIOLOGY PRACTICES that have come together to improve quality, gain operational efficiencies, and innovate the future of radiology's private practice model: It is 100% owned by radiologist member shareholders.

How we got our start
How we got our start

Strategic Radiology was founded in 2009 by 15 large private radiology groups in response to declining reimbursement, increasing business complexity, and a perceived threat from corporate radiology entities. Meeting three times a year, our member groups achieve an uncommon trust by forging strong inter-practice bonds through sharing and collaboration.

Choose Independence
Governance and leadership

Our physician officers, chief operating officer, and Executive Committee take a collaborative approach to leadership by crafting and implementing policy that is approved by a Board of Managers, composed of member shareholders from each member practice. 

Governance and leadership
Physician Ownership & Leadership

We believe that physician practice ownership and leadership are in the best interest of our patients, referring physicians, and hospital partners. Strategic Radiology member groups have come together to sustain independent private practice radiology and innovate its future.

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Our mission

Improving lives by creating superior radiology value through collaboration and innovation among privately owned, independent radiology practices