No one can read me like my radiologist.™

Most of us take our health for granted until a problem arises. Kathy and Walter, patients at Strategic Radiology practices, learned the value of subspecialized radiology through personal experience.

A Subspecialty Radiologist Found a Small Area of Interest on My Chest CT

I started having lung screenings four years ago. During my last screening, two lymph nodes did not look right according to Dr. Glenn Kerwin, the subspecialized radiologist who interpreted my exam. He identified a very small area of interest on my chest CT, not located where cancers are commonly found.


All of the doctors were aware of my needs and responded quickly. I was in treatment with chemo within two weeks. The care has been amazing—very fast compared to what others have experienced and great communication amongst the doctors. My doctors commented on how amazing it was that Dr. Kerwin saw the cancer. He saved my life! 

A Neurointerventional Radiologist Was There When I Needed Him

After my aneurysm was discovered following a fainting spell, I had an MRA performed by a subspecialized radiology group. The neurosurgeon felt the aneurysm’s location was too risky to operate on, so he recommended I contact an interventional neuroradiologist.


The interventional neuroradiologist gave me a detailed explanation, showing me the actual devices, explained how a guided catheter would be used to insert several coils of flexible platinum wire inside the aneurysm. The coil would prevent the blood from entering the cavity and, eventually, the aneurysm would clot, shrink, and disappear. The interventional neuroradiologist had successfully performed hundreds of these kinds of operations, and he was highly confident he could repair mine. He was wonderful, very personable, and listened to what I had to say. 

There was no pain during the procedure and the entire radiology team was wonderfully competent. It was also a great experience in terms of the cooperation and communication between the ER doctor, neurosurgeon, and interventional neuroradiologist. I had a follow up MRA a few months ago and the aneurysm is virtually gone. One week after my procedure, my wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary! 

Screening saves lives
Screening saves lives

Fourteen breast cancer survivors testify to the importance of annual mammograms beginning at 40 in preventing deaths from breast cancer.

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