Practicing service leadership

Members of Strategic Radiology practices serve on scores of hospital committees and in leadership positions at multiple levels of hospital life.  
Our radiologists hold numerous positions on committees and contribute leadership at the department, medical staff, and hospital levels, including the following: 

Department Positions
Department Positions

Medical Executive  
Department Chair 
Associate Department Chair  
Oversight of FDA Mammography Accreditation 
Oversight of ACR Accreditation for Imaging Facilities 
Peer Review Committee 
Radiation Safety Committee 
Radiology Quality Committee 
Informatics Director 
Directors for all Divisions 

  • Angio and X-Sectional 
  • Body 
  • Breast 
  • General 
  • MSK 
  • Neuro 
  • Nuclear Medicine 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Ultrasound 
Medical Staff Positions
Medical Staff Positions

Chief of Staff 
Vice Chief of Staff 
Credentials Chair 
GI Cancer Committee 
Lead Neuroimaging Conferences and Cardiac Imaging Conferences 
Mammography Roundtable 
Clinical Decision Support Peer Review Project 
Cancer Cabinet 
Pediatric Cabinet 
Neurosciences Cabinet 
Trauma Committee 
Breast Advisory Committee  
Cancer Care Committee 
Lung Advisory Committee 
Radiation Safety Officer 
Trauma Committee 
Physician Performance Evaluation Committee 
Department of Pathology and Radiology Committee 
Tumor Conference 
Trauma Committee 
Breast Conference 
Grand Rounds 
GI Bleed Working Group 
Trauma Committee  
Fetal Board 
Breast Advisory Committee   
Vascular Steering Committee 
Cardiovascular Service Line 
Limb Preservation Conference 
Neuropediatric Imaging Conference 
Stroke Care Conference 
Neurosurgery Conference 
CME committee 

Hospital Positions
Hospital Positions

Clinical Partners Board 
Chair, Regional CIN Finance and Contracting Committee  
Health Plan Board 
Utilization Management Committee Board 
Monthly Imaging Operations Meetings 
Medical Executive Committee 
Performance Excellence Committee 
Board of Directors  
Member, Local Committee of the Regional CIN 
Radiology Quality Committee 
Quality Health Record Committee 
Emergency Department Review Committee 
Radiology Emergency Department CPT Committee 
Enteral Feeding Working Group 
Central Venous Access Committee 
Extended Care Facility Committee 
Consent Workgroup  
Internal Medicine Review Committee 
Operations Committee 
Physician/Staff Relation Committee 
Intradepartmental Clinical Committees ER/Radiology 
System Physician Leadership Council 
Physician Engagement Committee 
System Bylaws Committee 
Preoperative Process Committee 
Leadership Council