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Quality improvement—a core Strategic Radiology value

Strategic Radiology promotes continuous quality improvement through the development of a culture of quality that emphasizes transparency, communication, and patient safety in medical imaging. 

Patient Safety Organization (PSO)
Patient Safety Organization

Strategic Radiology operates the first Patient Safety Organization (PSO) listed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) on June 19, 2013, that is dedicated to improving medical imaging through the sharing of data and best practices in a sheltered environment that enjoys strong Federal confidentiality and privilege protections.


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Quality Education & Coaching

SR-PSO Executive Director Lisa Mead, RN, CPHQ, leads SR quality improvement research and development, including:

  • guidance to optimize CMS quality reporting
  • resources including toolkits and periodic surveys and reports
  • PSO coaching for new practices 
  • practice-based consulting to develop formal quality programs and train employees
Quality Education & Coaching
Subspecialty Reading Network

Optimal staffing is a challenge for practices of all sizes—even large teleradiology companies struggle to provide subspecialized interpretations where they are needed. Our collaborative environment helps member groups of all sizes to extend the hours and depth of subspecialized coverage for their patients, referring physicians, and hospital partners.

To support member subspecialization, we provide a preferred vendor that adheres to a high level of quality control; and we facilitate cross-coverage among members where possible.

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Diagnosis: Screening high-risk individuals at appropriate intervals for the appropriate duration using the appropriate technology
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Report: Careful assessment of findings, evidence-based recommendation for next steps: further diagnostic work, watchful waiting, treatment
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Follow-up: Imaging surveillance to assess treatment response and following treatment to watch for recurrence with appropriate imaging tools

Before joining Strategic Radiology, we were engaged in quality improvement, but we didn’t have an overarching quality program. Once we joined, we saw what other groups were doing, and we were inspired to have a dedicated program within our group.

David Phelps, MD
Radiology Associates of North Texas