Subspecialized care—our goal is for each study to be read by the right radiologist

Strategic Radiology practices have more subspecialized radiologists combined than any other radiology provider in the country.


Body Imagers


Interventional Radiologists


Musculoskeletal Radiologists


Nuclear Medicine/PET Physicians


Neuro-interventional Radiologists






General Radiologists


Emergency Radiologists


Chest and Cardiac Radiologists

Benefits of increased subspecialization
Benefits of increased subspecialization

Radiologists look for the presence of disease or pathology in medical images to the best of their professional ability. The most highly skilled radiologists have high accuracy rates and a low percentage of false positive exams. There is some evidence to support the idea that subspecialization in radiology improves quality by:

  • Reducing false positives. A certain percentage of radiology studies are falsely interpreted as positive for disease or pathology. While false positives are inevitable in the highest quality radiology services, too many false positives increases unnecessary follow-up.1
  • Decreasing Cost and Wait Times. Subspecialized radiology can reduce the need for retakes, moderating costs to patients and insurers and reducing wait time for the ordering provider and patients.2


1. Lindgren EA, Patel MD, Melikian J, Hara AK. The clinical impact of subspecialized radiologist reinterpretation of abdominal imaging studies, with analysis of the types and relative frequency of interpretation discrepancies. Abdom Imaging. 2014 Oct;39(5):1119-26.  

2. Buist, D.S.M., Anderson, M.L., Haneuse, S.J.P.A. et al. Influence of annual interpretive volume on screening mammography performance in the United States. Radiology.2011;259:72–84. 

Providing after-hours subspecialty reads

Our member practices have access to a Subspecialty Reading Network that provides after-hours and weekend subspecialized coverage in the following subspecialties: 

  • Pediatric 
  • Neuroradiology 
  • Body imaging 
  • MSK 
  • Women’s imaging 
  • Vascular imaging 
  • Nuclear medicine 
  • General imaging 
Providing after-hours subspecialty reads
Alicia Vasquez, CEO

SR Subspecialty Reading Network provides a better platform for the long-term hospital relationship, eliminating the ‘we/they’ finger-pointing scenario.

Alicia Vasquez, CEO
Radiant Imaging/Hill Medical Corporation, Pasadena, CA

Christopher Hedley, MD, President

Every key stakeholder on the hospital side of the equation has remained extremely pleased with the clinical quality of the service and appreciates the fact that it is an extension of our group through Strategic Radiology, and not an unaffiliated, third-party entity.

Christopher Hedley, MD, President
Radiant Imaging/Hill Medical Corporation, Pasadena, CA

Our Subspecialty Reading Network
Our Subspecialty Reading Network

The cornerstone of Strategic Radiology’s Subspecialty Reading Network is its ability to quickly establish a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect between its radiologists and member group hospital affiliates. The SR after-hours Subspecialty Reading Network is held accountable to delivering the exact same high standards of clinical service quality shared by member practices.

Our goal

Our Strategic Plan calls for the construction of a clinically integrated platform and network to provide greater access to subspecialization when and where it is needed.

Clinical Platform and Network