SR Connect—entering a new cyber frontier

The ability to exchange clinical images and data is a long-held goal of the Strategic Radiology coalition.  SR Connect, Strategic Radiology enters a new chapter of clinical collaboration with a cloud-based, clinical data-exchange infrastructure.

A Cloud-based Environment

A collection of cloud-based applications and services intended to promote clinical collaboration and operational efficiency among members.

A Cloud-based Environment
Peer Learning and Improvement
Peer Learning and Improvement Pilot

SR Connect's first use case is a Peer Learning and Improvement Pilot under development within the protected environment of the SR-Patient Safety Organization. The Pilot aims to:

• reduce bias through anonymity

• achieve 100% subspecialty-focus

• provide meaningful feedback via standardized forms

• include a learning component and reinforce non-punitive culture

Access the Radiologist Toolkit

SR Connect will offer a platform for future collaborative initiatives among member groups by providing access to tools as needed, such as:

• machine learning and AI applications

• a universal worklist

• a common reading platform

Access the Radiologist Toolkit
Subspecialty Coverage
Subspecialty Coverage

The vision is for all collaborative image exchange to pass through SR Connect, including:

• after-hours subspecialty coverage

• centers of excellence

• cross-coverage arrangements between practices

SR Subspecialized Reading Network
SR Subspecialized Reading Network

The Strategic Radiology Subspecialized Reading Network provides after-hours final subspecialized interpretations for member practices in pediatric, body, emergency, musculoskeletal, and neuro radiology, nuclear medicine, women’s imaging, vascular imaging, and general radiology.

SRN Icon - Callout
One-call after-hours consults: No calling around.
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True subspecialty final interpretations by board-certified U.S. radiologists.
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Rapid turnaround for both stat and routine reads: Overall avg. 18 min.
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Dedicated support staff.
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Clinical quality standards consistent with SR member groups.
Our Technology Partners

The following vendor partners provide enabling technology for SR member connectivity:

Intelerad—InteleOne, IntelePACS, Clario SmartWorklist

Radius—private radiology cloud service to securely exchange images